Wetember 2012. Picture it! Three women, a sixteen-foot Carolina Skiff, twenty-five pounds of ice, and half of the local bait shop's inventory heading out for their first fishing tournament. Clueless that we were about to experience our first FishGasm.

Enthusiasm and dead bait were in the air. A secret spot was our destination and how excited were we to discover six other boats there to keep us company! Anchor lines out, poles in the water. But as the fish jumped into the boat, the battery had jumped ship.

Son of biscuit, a dead battery. And there we sat for 120 minutes full of laughter because this was just our luck. And then the fish gods sent us an angel. The “Jonsey” pulls up and Captain Jennifer orders her three male companions to help us. Clings, clanks and a lot of "hold this" were flying. It was then discovered that the trolling motor had a battery and we could “jump” ourselves.

Hey, I told you in the beginning we were three women!

With ten minutes ‘til weigh-in and no target fish we threw-out a few last-ditch-effort lines and prayed.

BAM! With a ferocious jerk of the line all three of us dash to the pole and begin reel-in what could only be the Great White shark, Jaws. Stomachs in knots, a funny feeling in our pants and eye glued to the water at the chance to spot the winning fish. That was a FishGasm!

Up came a Sheepshead and little did we know we were the only boat to bring-in the tournament’s Mystery Fish. The room exploded with cheers and applause as they announced our win. Now we challenge you to hunt your FishGasm.

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